¡@¡@ Our center includes a director and a vice director who manage and regulate the center operations. Our working team includes the following four groups: curriculum planning group, staff training group, model innovating group, and publishing group. The above-mentioned groups are participated by those who are interested in the topic of senior continuing education. The primary purpose of the center is to plan and design for specific projects. Our center also recruits the right members and the appropriate workers according to the types of the project. On the other hand, the center also has an executive consultant who gives us helpful suggestions and guidance. The diagram below is the positions chart of our Aging and Education Research Center.

1.Teaching Materials Research Group: Data collecting/ Tribunes holding; Ideas exchanging.
2.Staff Training Group: Curriculum planning; Creative programs planning.
3.Models Innovating Group: Human resources training; Credential distributing.
4.Publishing Group: Establishing an online services network; Publishing and promoting results.

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